Where have I been? And why am I back?

Just over five years ago my life seemed to be reasonably settled.  My three children had grown up and left home, my clinic was doing well,  my husband had just retired and we were happily planning on spending more time on the water with each other and friends.

However, the universe had very different plans for me.  In August 2015, my (then) 23 year old son managed to get himself in a whole heap of trouble in the south of Spain.  His is a very long and sad tale, and, should any of you be interested in the whole story, I would be very happy to share it with you one day.    Suffice to say that, in order to protect him and ensure that he had a future, I moved myself lock, stock and barrel to Cadiz, leaving behind my family (my two daughters and my husband), my friends, my home, my career and all things familiar.

As you are all aware, my clinic, which had been thriving for about 20 years, and all of you, my clients and friends, were amongst those that were left behind whilst I endeavoured to cope with an ever increasingly difficult situation in Spain. A situation that, on its own, was hard enough, but, around the corner there was yet more…

In January 2017, my youngest daughter became extremely ill with very poor mental health.  Soon afterwards, she too came to live with me here in Spain.  With two of my three children in such dire need, all of my energy was sapped, and I had nothing more to give beyond the crises that I was dealing with.  

My little clinic in Penryn was starting to feel like something from my past.

Moving to a foreign country, where I knew no-one and spoke none of the language, whilst dealing with the enormity of the situation, was by no means easy.  For the first eighteen months I confess to suffering from a homesickness and loneliness so extreme that it was, at times, unbearable.  However, being an eternal optimist, I was able to begin to appreciate all that which was still good in my life.  This part of Spain is beautiful, with beaches that run endlessly for miles and never ending sunshine, the people are lovely and the energy here is like no other I have ever experienced. These are the things that helped my get through each difficult day.

And that, in a nutshell, is where I have been until recently – running between fires with empty buckets of sand.

But it isn’t all bad… 

The life I have now discovered here draws me to stay for a while longer.  My three children (now in their late 20s and early 30s) are back in the UK and doing well.  I am living in an extraordinary place called Zahora, a jumble of very Spanish casitas on the Atlantic coast just west of Cadiz.  I have two dogs and lots of friends. Life is converting trauma and tragedy into opportunity, and I am embracing each day as a gift.

Throughout all of these years of torment, anxiety and fear, my passion for holistic health care and philosophy has not waned – not once.  And now, today, I feel drawn to seeing patients again, to once more use the skills and knowledge that I have built up over the past 25 years as a practitioner of alternative and complementary medicine and to offer help if help is needed.

Therefore – should any of you ever need the advice and help of a holistic medical practitioner, should any of you ever feel the need to talk, should any of you ever want to try and get to the bottom of your symptoms and understand the dynamics of your own particular situation, please, please get in touch.  I am here.  I am strong,  I am ready to practice. 

Consultations will be held via FaceTime, What’s App or Skype.  Appointments are available from 10am (UK time) until 6pm each Thursday and from 6pm (UK time) until 10pm each Tuesday.  Appointments on Sundays may also be possible by prior arrangement.

Each consultation will be £45 for adults and £35 for children 15 years and under.  Payments will be made via bank transfer.

Please note that, due to the unreliability of the Spanish postal system, you may have to order your own remedies.  I will tell you exactly how to do this should it be necessary.

You can contact me using the form on this website or you can e-mail me directly at: 

l u l u b a d g e r @ m a c . c o m (without the spaces, obviously … I am avoiding robots…)

You can also call, text or What’s App on: 0 7 8 8 1 2 0 7 4 7 2

If you have any questions, queries, or just want to know more about me, my story or where I am now, please just let me know.  

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this…

I am SO looking forward to hearing from you again.

Lulu xxx

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