My many years as a health practitioner and case-taker have taught me that our stories are of the highest importance in understanding our current health status.  Everything that has happened to us, for whatever reason, will affect us for good or ill. Once we understand the roads that your life has taken, we can work out where you are right now and discern how to get you back on track.

Health is the ability to adapt to what life throws at us. Symptoms are merely our reaction to certain influences.  Health is not static.  It is labile, forever moving, forever seeking balance, or homeostasis.  Like standing on a log, balance is only maintained by movement.  Sometimes we may wobble, but a quick reaction and shift of weight will keep us upright.   Health is the same. We come across an influence; an infectious particle, emotional upset or physical trauma, or any combination; and we react to it.  This reaction produces symptoms. These symptoms will be different for every individual.  Our ability to return to balance will depend on our ability to adapt to each and every new influence.

LifeCase can best be described as a common-sense consultation culminating in a personalised health timeline which will help you understand the health issues you may have in the present day.

By looking at the progression of your reaction to life’s influences, mental, emotional and physical, we can discover patterns and/or symptoms that have ultimately brought you to the here and now.

Once we can see these patterns, we can begin to address how to change them, or to bring them back into alignment with previous healthy patterns. 

LifeCase tries to discern your individuality, your very own expression of reaction.  Once we know where you are today, and what influences led you here, we can map out a road to recovery and health.  

LifeCase will help you discover the best therapeutic route for your own individual journey to health.  Our personal expertise is in homeopathy, but we can help you find a practitioner of alternative, complementary or conventional therapy that may be best suited to your needs. These include acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, ayurveda, chinese herbal or pharmaceutical medical practices. 

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